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What does Typo Bay do?

Typo Bay offers you a service, completely free to use, which allows you to find misspelled auctions. This tool allows you to broaden your auction search by including typos in your query in such a way as to provide you with so called "hidden auctions". The result of this is that you bid against fewer people allowing you to obtain the winning bid with a fair amount of ease and at a much lower cost than usual.

What is a misspell tool

The eBay Misspell tool is a simple tool which allows you to broaden your search on eBay by automatically searching for common misspells. For example, if you are searching for a telephone, someone might have tried to post an auction for such an item but accidentally named it a tlelephone or a tellephone or a telephon etc... People searching the proper spelling will not be able to see that auctions and therefore, it will have very few bids and you will be able to purchase the item at a price much lower than what you would normally pay.

How to use this tool

Using the misspell tool is very easy: simply enter your search term in the field provided above choose your options then click the button and you will be sent to a page linking to's search results for that item and its most common misspells.

You can acquire our eBook which will specify how to make optimal use of this tool or you can consult our instruction section as a quick start guide.

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